Source code for json_api_doc.serialization

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from collections import OrderedDict

[docs]def serialize(data={}, errors={}, meta={}, links={}): """ :param data: Dict with data to serialize :param errors: Dict with error data to serialize :param meta: Dict with meta data to serialize :returns: Dict normalized as a valid JSON API document """ if data and errors: raise AttributeError("""Only 'data' or 'errors' can be present in a valid JSON API document""") included = OrderedDict() res = {} if data: if isinstance(data, list): res["data"] = list( map(lambda item: _serialize(item, included), data)) else: res["data"] = _serialize(data, included) elif isinstance(data, list): res["data"] = [] if included: res["included"] = list(included.values()) if meta: res["meta"] = meta if errors: res["errors"] = errors if links: res["links"] = links return res or {"data": None}
def _serialize(data, included): obj_type = data.get("$type", None) if obj_type is None: raise AttributeError("Missing object $type") res = _expand(data, included) res["type"] = obj_type obj_id = data.get("id", None) if obj_id is not None: res["id"] = obj_id return res def _expand(data, included): res = {} attrs = {} rels = {} for k, v in data.items(): if k in ["$type", "id"]: continue if isinstance(v, dict): embedded, is_res = _expand_included(v, included) if is_res: rels[k] = { "data": embedded } else: attrs[k] = embedded elif isinstance(v, list): embedded = list(map(lambda l: _expand_included(l, included), v)) if all(map(lambda i: i[1], embedded)): rels[k] = { "data": list(map(lambda i: i[0], embedded)) } else: attrs[k] = list(map(lambda i: i[0], embedded)) else: attrs[k] = v if len(attrs): res["attributes"] = attrs if len(rels): res["relationships"] = rels return res def _expand_included(data, included): if not isinstance(data, dict): return data, False typ = data.get("$type", None) id = data.get("id", None) if typ is None or id is None: # not a sub-resource, return as is return data, False if typ is not None and id is not None and (typ, id) not in included: serialized = _expand(data, included) serialized["type"] = typ serialized["id"] = id included[(typ, id)] = serialized return {"type": typ, "id": id}, True